Surprising Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

by nutrition | February 15, 2018

The minerals of Potassium, Selenium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc constitute the health benefits of cottage cheese. These minerals play pivotal roles in many processes. Cottage Cheese contributes in supplying the body with B-Complex vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. It also helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, and aids in weight loss.

Cottage Cheese is a variation of a milk product. It is a type of cheese that also comes in many varieties. Its variations include farmer, pot, hoop and paneer cheese. Each is obtained using different methods with varying ingredients.

Cottage Cheese is made using boiled milk, and curdling it with acids like vinegar. Squeezing the whey out of the curds produces a huge lump called cottage cheese. In more detail, when the protein, Casein, interacts with coagulates and acid, it forms Cottage Cheese.

Nutrition Facts Of Cottage Cheese

One-hundred grams(g) of Cottage Cheese holds 21 micrograms(ug) of vitamin D, 11.12g of protein, 98kcal of energy, 2.6g of sugar, 37 ug of Vitamin A, 4.5g of fat and 3.38g of carbohydrates. In addition, Zinc, Sodium, Phosphorous, Iron, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium are also present in cottage cheese.

Cottage Cheese forms when it coagulates, and acid reacts to the milk protein, Casein. Sports enthusiasts love cottage cheese, as it promotes the slow release of energy, because it has a protein like Casein that allows the slow digestion of food.

Cholesterol Levels in Cottage Cheese

The milk type used in making Cottage Cheese affects cholesterol levels. If the cheese preparation employed whole milk, the level of cholesterol in cottage cheese would be higher (33mg for every cup) than no-fat milk (4mg for every cup) or low-fat milk (10mg for every cup). It would be wise to go for the low-fat versions of Cottage Cheese if you want to be more healthy and avoid too much cholesterol and fat intake.

Surprising Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Whey protein is also produced during the making of cottage cheese. It is a fan favorite of athletes and fitness experts. Cottage Cheese has many health benefits that include the following:


1. Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, Cottage Cheese proves to be effective in lowering the risk of developing breast cancer. It is a proven remedy, especially in women who are pre-menopausal.

2. Good Source of Protein

Cottage cheese is a protein-rich food source. The high amount of protein it has is enough for vegetarians to meet their daily intake. The best part about Cottage Cheese is that it is edible in its raw form. Also, it doesn’t need to be cooked.

3. Good for Pregnant Women

Cottage Cheese is rich in nutrients that are essential for pregnant women and even athletes. Phosphorus helps build the bones and keep them strong. The nutrient is a much-needed mineral during pregnancy.

4. Good Source of Vitamin B

Cottage Cheese is rich in B-Complex vitamins, such as Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Thiamine, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid. These vitamins boost the body’s metabolism. Riboflavin aids in generating energy, by converting it from carbohydrates. Vitamin B12 increases iron absorption and promotes healthy brain functioning. Thiamine helps in generating energy by converting sugars in the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase system. Niacin is a vital component of cholesterol reduction, energy production and digestion. Pantothenic acid works like a synthesizer. It supports fat, amino acid, protein and carbohydrate formation. Cottage Cheese also possesses folate, which helps women conceive a healthy fetus. It boosts heart health and red blood cell production.

5. Makes the Bones Stronger

Cottage Cheese is rich in Calcium, which is a fundamental component in keeping your bones strong and healthy. It contains eight percent calcium, which, generally, the body needs daily. Children can consume it to strengthen their bones. Eating cottage cheese regularly can help fight off colon cancer and osteoporosis. It also helps in heart disease and weight gain prevention.

6. Good for the Heart and Manages the Blood Sugar Level

Improve Heart Health – Image courtesy of Cumbria Crack

Rich in magnesium, Cottage Cheese is effective in maintaining a healthy heart and keeping blood sugar levels under control. It does so by activating the body’s enzymes that boost the immune system, keeping blood sugar normal, and preventing heart attacks, migraines, and many other ailments.

7. Reduces Stroke and Anxiety

As a good source of Potassium, Cottage Cheese balances the fluids in the body by lowering blood pressure and easing vessel contraction; thus, it can prevent the occurrence of strokes. It also reduces anxiety and stress with the Potassium acting as a better alternative to Sodium. It is important to be aware of various cardiovascular issues that will occur if Sodium and Potassium fail to balance each other.

8. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Cottage Cheese is rich in Phosphorus, which is crucial in RNA and DNA formation. Phosphorous helps improve digestion, as well as producing and extracting energy from the body’s cells.

9. Antioxidant Effect


Another trace mineral found in Cottage Cheese is Selenium. This nutrient is found in minimal amounts, around 50ug to 70ug in adults. DNA and cells benefit from Selenium as a potent antioxidant. Rumor has it that preventing the risk of cancer in the Prostate is possible by supplementing with foods high in Selenium. Colon cancer patients may have their lives prolonged by including dairy products in their diets, according to a recent study.

10. Boosts Biological Functions

Cottage Cheese is a convenient addition to your diet. Other than being tasty, the benefits of Cottage Cheese cover a lot of areas when it comes to health. Other benefits of Cottage Cheese include improving the body’s biological functions by supplementing with Zinc. Zinc has a daily recommended value of about four percent in Cottage Cheese.

The presence of Zinc, as a trace mineral, provides many wonders in your body. It supports Diabetes management, digestion, anxiety, stress relief and immunity. It also helps in boosting ocular health, and the metabolism of RNA and DNA. Not to mention, it helps in curing night blindness and preventing prostate disorder and appetite loss. It works as an antioxidant and prevents and reduces infections.


It is important to note that regular cottage cheese consumption can increase sodium levels in the body. This is due to the amount of salt used in its preparation. Also, it is important that the cheese is properly pasteurized to avoid contamination from bacteria. You need to consume cottage cheese moderately, as it can raise cholesterol levels.

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